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Bill details

Details of Pa. bill to require voter photo IDs


A person voting must show ID. The acceptable forms of ID must be current, show the individual’s name, photograph, expiration date and be issued by:

• The U.S. government, state government or a municipal or county government in Pennsylvania.

• PennDOT.

• An accredited public or private institution of higher learning in Pennsylvania.

• A nursing home, assisted living home or personal care home in Pennsylvania.

Exceptions include:

• Non-photo driver’s license or ID cards issued by PennDOT for voters who have a religious objection to being photographed.

• A PennDOT ID expired within the past year.

• U.S. armed forces IDs that show an indefinite expiration date.

• Absentee-ballot voters, who may provide their driver’s license number or, if they do not have a license, the last four digits of their Social Security number.

People without proper ID may: Cast a provisional ballot on election day and within six days submit a valid photo identification to county elections officials in person or by e-mail or fax.

No voter will be turned away at the polls. If someone shows up without identification, they will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot. That voter would then have six days to present an acceptable form of identification.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is also required to offer a voter ID card for free to anyone, provided they have acceptable certification, such as a birth certificate.”

This information originally appeared at Go Lackawana and New American Media


This page will be devoted to issues surrounding appropriate voting ID’s for PA elections, helpful information about what kind of ID you will need, where you may be able to get it, and where to go if you run into trouble.

If you already know someone that is sure they will not be able to vote in any upcoming election the ACLU of PA will help and you can get directed to that help here:

The Committee of Seventy has a comprehensive list of everything having to do with Voting and IDs here: